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Self Deception

Must resist 'Berries & Creme' joke...

Muskrat Love, bitches

So I guess I’m actually going to post something…after all, it’s only been 8 months.  There’s a part of me that wanted to do a post about my views on the whole ‘moe’ thing (hence the picture of Mugi), but I’ve decided against it.  Mainly because I would just be repeating myself.  So instead, I’ll just offer some takes on a couple of this season’s shows – being that I can only comment on a couple of them because I’ve not really looked much at the lineup and only usually watch two or three, on rare occasion four, per season (even if I put several other concurrent shows in my queue).

Since I started off with a K-ON! tie-in, I may as well begin there.  Trollsubs aside (Windmill, fuck yeah!), I am actually watching the 2nd season.  I don’t really have an opinion on how things started out this time around, which sort of makes commenting on it difficult.  Probably worth it more to mention that doujin where Yui overdoses on drugs and life has proverbially raped Mio.  The sad part is that the situation there hit a little too close to home for me, seeing as how I feel like I’ve been stuck in limbo for at least the past 4, if not 6, years and can’t help but see myself as powerless to dig myself out.  Anyone trying to pin that scene on attempting to evoke a stereotypical moe response from the reader is missing the point – it really is a nightmare you can’t wake up from.  Honestly, though, even in that future where she’d let herself go, I still couldn’t help but think ‘damn, that’s sexy’, even if things had gotten pretty pathetic.  Putting on a little weight doesn’t make someone fat, and even if a couple of those angles were more unflattering, it wasn’t revolting or anything.  It doesn’t really look all that worse than Suigintou’s Private Life.  Ok, well, maybe it does – after all, Rozen Weapon’s stuff doesn’t emphasize rolls instead of curves with height-proportionate fitness, but you see what I’m saying?  Where exactly is the dividing line between ‘healthy but out-of-shape’ and ‘fat’?  Of course it depends somewhat on height, but personally I would probably peg it somewhere around 160lbs. (and even that would be okay, even expected, given circumstances like pregnancy).

Wow, that went off on a tangent, didn’t it?  Anyway, on to the next one.


She just saw a tiger. No, really.

B Gata H Kei.  Where to start on this one.  To summarize, girl who’s clueless about sex but can’t get her mind out of the gutter enters high school, and sets a goal to have a hundred sexual partners…at that point, I was thinking, wait, what?  That sounds horrid.  Sure, I think that the double standard about girls liking/wanting sex is unfair, but a hundred?  That’s just disgusting, no matter if you’re male or female.  The point where this gets better is that in her cluelessness, she sets her sights on a very plain, ordinary guy and doesn’t leave him alone in the attempt to get him to bed her, with awkward and genuinely passable comedy ensuing.  This could easily set up a scenario that falls into basic school romance territory, and if it does, so be it.

I think what bothers me the most about it, and this is clearly evident in some of the dialogue Yamada throws out, is the focus she has on using him and throwing him away.  Even moreso in the second episode, where Kosuda’s childhood friend Mayu – a shy, klutzy, glasses-wearing girl – is introduced.  The scene where Yamada confronts her, and the situation is confused thoroughly on Mayu’s part, while funny in the classic harem comedy sense, is terrible when you know what Yamada’s motives are.  It seems more cruel than anything to me.  Even if she does realize just how much of a heel she is and comes to genuinely care about Kosuda through the course of the show, you know that Mayu is just going to end up getting hurt (even if she would be anyway, seeing as he’s pretty dense as it is) because the show is focused on Kosuda and Yamada.  In any case, we’ll see how it goes.  On the upside,  the comic relief in Kosuda’s older sister Kazuki is hilarious.

Like a deer in the headlights...metaphorically speaking.

Might as well stare into your soul while I'm at it.

And finally, we have Kiss x Sis TV.  My main draw to this series is actually because it’s from Bow Ditama – I loved the art for Mahoromatic, so even though this is not anything like it at all, I’m still interested even if just over the character design (similar character design being why I also watched This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, which actually is more similar to Mahoromatic in plot).  The concept, being guy’s older twin stepsisters lusting after him with copious amounts of fanservice added in, isn’t squicky to me conceptually, but the way it plays out, at least in the OVA, is uncomfortable at times (basically because it seems to run counter to the Westermarck effect, and that’s what makes it kinda strange and uncomfortable) – especially the incredibly weird parental approval (wha-ha? even if they aren’t related, their parents shouldn’t be approving of it).  I really should go and read the manga first, though.

There’s also The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which I have not watched yet, and honestly I’m a little hesitant – I don’t want my eyes to bleed, especially in the case of having to put up with that level of quality for almost 3 hours.  Maybe I will, or maybe I’ll just wait until the DVD or Blu-ray arrives.

In other news, I also spent most of the evening switching out my two monitors for each other.  I was sick and tired of the first monitor having problems retaining it’s R spectrum and tinting everything green.  I need to find a way to fix VGA cables, because I think that’s where the problem is.



  1. awww but I would of loved to hear how moe will bring armageddon.

    You have this gift of observation, you really should write a book or something.

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