As some might have noticed, my post titles tend to be named after music.  I’ll use this space to explain the references for those who don’t get them.  Relevant links to artist/band websites when I feel they’re obscure enough to warrant it.

Runnin’ Outta Time:

  • The title of a song by Jessy Greene. The song can be heard on the aforementioned website.

The rain that falls in synch with me…

We will stumble home together as we did the night before…

  • A lyric taken from “Promise Me” by The Birthday Massacre.

Policy Of Truth

  • Title of one of Depeche Mode’s most well-known songs.


  • Title of a song by The Church (yes, they of “Under The Milky Way” fame).  Can’t believe that Amazon was actually giving this away for free – I’ve been listening to it quite a bit tonight.

All The Kids Are Right

  • Title of a song by Local H.

The Great Big No

  • Title of a song by The Lemonheads.

Calm down, my heart – don’t beat so fast

  • A lyric taken from “Once In A Lifetime” by Wolfsheim.

Self Deception

  • Title of a song by Lacuna Coil.

It’s not the past that you’re afraid to see

  • A lyric taken from “Midnight” by The Birthday Massacre.


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